Summary of Services

The Workforce Solutions' Business Services Unit was designed from a business perspective - One Place, One Stop, to assist with all your workforce needs.  We offer an array of services to help businesses save money, improve productivity and provide a competitive edge.

Some of our services include:

•  Outplacement Services for employees affected by downsizing

•  Universal Job Applications & Resumes on behalf of your business

•  Recruitment & Pre-Screening for qualified job applicants

•  Match qualified applicants to job openings

•  Available space for interviewing, meetings and training

•  On-Line job listings for local, state and national recruitment

•  Customized Training for new, expanding and existing businesses

•  Assessment Testing to test applicants for specific job skills & computer program knowledge

•  Tax Incentives

•  Employment subsidies

For more information, contact Workforce Solutions Business Services Unit today!